• Greg O'Keeffe

Silva and Brands - The first press conference.

Well that was interesting...

The first press conference from the two new main men at #Everton at Finch Farm was an absorbing half hour or so.

#Marco Silva, in his sharp suit and dark navy tie, pointed out that he has transfer targets but not many as he assesses the current squad.

He also emphasised that he sees himself in his latest job for "not one year, not two years" but a longer period unlike previous positions abroad and in England.

Marcel Brands was quietly impressive. Pragmatic on how the coach/DoF dynamic has to work.

There's no point signing players Silva doesn't want, it has to be collaborative. Which crucially Koeman/Walsh wasn't enough. He name-dropped having worked with Koeman, Cocu and Van Gaal to name a few.

Who knows - maybe if Brands had been at the club sooner Koeman's reign might have been different?

Anyway, he also said the current over-large quad needs pruning and time is of the essence in this World Cup-shortened transfer market.

Silva was generally relaxed, a little taciturn, with that Portuguese inflexion reminiscent of Mourinho when swerving questions he doesn't fancy.

He anticipated and shut-down queries about Watford's complaint regarding Everton's past overtures and their ongoing gripes. Then he joked with Sky's Vinny O'Connor about transfer targets and pretended not to know who Watford's Brazilian forward Richarlison was.

I don't think he'll be an over-sharer in these conferences going forward.

Brands was business-like, cool and a man who seems all about getting things done. Which is precisely what #Everton needs.

Me, Tony and a special guest or two will talk about all this and more in this week's episodes.


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