• Greg O'Keeffe

Sitting down with the Mayor

Today we were joined at the Bramley Moore by one of the city's better known #Everton supporters - the Mayor Joe Anderson.

I've known Joe for a long time and his first Podcast interview was a couple of years back with me and Phil Kirkbride for the ECHO's Royal Blue pod.

He's always an absorbing interviewee; especially when talking about a subject which is so clearly close to his heart in every sense.

Joe was on good form in a wide-ranging chat as we talked finance, timescales, his own hopes for the club's new stadium on our famous waterfront and his frustrations at the misinterpretations and misunderstand of his motive in offering the club the council's help in loaning some of the money required to build it.

That deal - which has seen him receive criticism from some quarters - still seems a financial no-brainer for the council and the city. But Joe explains to us why it's not actually guaranteed yet that #Everton will seek to loan from them.

It really was an insightful hour or so.

Joe is a long-time season ticket-holder too and gave us his take on last season and more as he flicked from fan to politician and back again.

We hope you enjoy the episode. Whether you're Blue, Red or just a proud Scouser with ambition for your city's future it's worth a listen.


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